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Hi Everyone!  I'm Wish! My sister, Alice, and I want to say hello and welcome to our webpage. 


We'll be adding lots of new pictures showing the fun we have, and the greyt places we go, so check back soon to visit.


Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking such cool pics of us, we really love them a lot ! (Of course they know that because we let them dress us up - the things we go through to make them happy!!!)


Thanks for being our friend #

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Happy Easter from Wish!

Apple, Coal, Wish and Alice

Enjoying the Market America Pet Show in Greensboro, NC  August 21, 2004

Wish and Alice

Hey Alice, come here, and tell me what they got me for my birthday - I know they told YOU!

Waiter!!  I'd like to sit down, but someone needs to bring me a cushion - the one with the little doggies, please!

This is one of our favorite pictures taken at the Cinco de Mayo event.  We had lots of fun but the best part was being with our Mom and Dad.

 Adopt a Greyhound and you will get all the love you could ever wish for!!

Hey Wish, Get with the program or they're going to give your cookie to me -- on second thought, take your time --HAHAHA


Wish, will you play a game with me?  Alice is over there playing possum.  I think she doesn't want to play because her TV show is coming on Animal Planet soon and she doesn't want to miss it.  She needs to learn how to program the VCR.

Doggie hugs are the BEST!  Oops, I mean Mommy and Daddy hugs are the best! (Whew, that was close!)