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Hi!  Greyt to meet you!  You've already met my sister, Apple, I'm so glad to have found my long-lost sister.

Mom was online and looking at a website that lists my Mom and Dad and all my sisters and brothers.  She found out that I was up for adoption and decided that it was time for me to come home to be reunited with my sister, Apple, and to live in North Carolina. It was a real challenge, though, because Mom came to get me during Hurricane Wilma, so I feel extra special. Now, all is calm, and I'm in the best place I've ever been in, and feel really lucky to have such a wonderful family.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  I love you!!! You, too, Apple!

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This is Apple and I in Florida when we were first reunited.


I almost didn't recognize her because she kept saying she was Princess Apple. She needs to get real.  There's a new kid in town.


To see more pictures of my sister, Apple,


This is me celebrating my 6th Birthday!  I had so much fun, it was the best birthday ever!  The best present was having a forever family.

Life just doesn't get any better than this....

Except when it's time to eat or play.

This is my sister, Apple.  She thinks she's the gift guard.  Yeah, like SHE'S getting anything for Christmas. They're MINE, ALL MINE!

I'm not sleeping, I'm saving up energy.  Notice how I always keep my favorite toy with me all the time just in case I get a burst of energy.

Ok, so I'm a little overwhelmed. What is this BBH thing?  And why is it hot, and the SAND IS BETWEEN MY TOES - HELLO!!!!!

Finally, a cool spot. Hey, I'm making a sand angel!

I'm just checking out the babes.  Big problem, though - I match the sand. I'm not worried, I'm so good-looking, how could they miss me?

Ok, people, we really need to work on the "I need ice cream" look.  

Is anyone listening??? 

Finally - ICE CREAM!!  It's about time,  I thought I was going to pass out.


Just relaxing at home. Apple is still trying to hang on to the bed.  She needs to accept that my bed is my bed and her bed is my bed.

I don't know why they don't give me a chair, I'm always here.


Had a little accident with my toenail getting caught under a door. NOT FUN!   Apple said not to worry, this happens all the time to her. She had a little smirk on her face when she told me to "deal with it". Maybe she's jealous because now all the attention is focused on me.


Roaching - any time I want to make Apple mad, this is what I do.

This is one of my favorite pics. Me, Mom, and Apple at BBH.


It's so hard to find a good nap spot.


BBH 2006

Tour De Tailwaggers  - Hey, if she's giving out treats, we're right there.

My first REAL Thanksgiving!  I could really get used to this Thanksgiving thing they do. Whatever this tradition is all about, I LIKE IT!

My first Christmas at home!!  I never knew it could be so wonderful to have a family that loves me and takes such good care of me. So much Christmas happiness!


2006- Apple and I with Santa

This is my first day home. That's not terror in my eyes, I'm just trying to restrain myself,  watching Apple enjoy her last day of being the boss of the house.

Well, I'm out of energy, so I'm taking a nap with all my friends. Check back with me later, I'll be adding new pictures soon!

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