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Trevor's Racing name was Drive Kohr


Jackson's Racing name was Talibatman



Hi everybody!  We're so excited to meet you !  We're Greyhounds and are so happy to share our PetWeb page with you!   Here are some of our favorite  pictures, we'll be adding more, so check our page often!


Trevor                                                    Jackson

Hi !  I'm Jackson, and my buddy over there on the right is Trevor. 

 I'm a Tuxedo Greyhound (since I'm black and white), and am one happy dog. I just lay around and take it easy, enjoying life.

Hi everyone!  I'm Trevor, a Red Fawn Greyhound.  I just love everyone and am so happy.   Just pet me one time and I'll be your friend forever.  Of course, that means you have to pet me forever. Sounds like a good deal to me.

You know, I've been really good lately, even though Trevor has been trying to get me in trouble.  You believe me, right?  You can't resist me, I'm too sweet and adorable. See, I'm giving you "the look".

Here we are celebrating together!  We're so happy together and have fun all the time.

You know, I just never get any food. I have to resort to stealing whatever I can find.  Today, I was able to get lucky and find my favorite snack of marshmallows and graham crackers, and I even shared them with Trevor.  But don't ask him what happened, he's not talking because he has marshmallow mouth.  

I'm so excited!!!  Santa is on his way, and is bringing lots of presents for me, and I guess he'll have some for Jackson, too.  Instead of leaving cookies and milk for Santa, I'm leaving this great photo of me.  Surely that will get me an  extra present!  I'll even play-bow if I have to!

Practicing my mountain lion pounce - Hey Jackson - over here  !!!!!

Trevor just won't calm down, I'm going the other way, and I must say, doing it with more style.


Oh Jackson !!  Check me out, I can do the bunny hop, where are you going?   Circles, gotta run in circles!!!

He's so embarrassing sometimes. Looks like the camera is on me - IT'S SHOWTIME, hope you can get a good shot of me, I'm really fast!!

We're Greyhounds, that's for sure, but we're also American, and love to show our patriotic side.

Our PetWeb Page wouldn't be complete without a photo of us with Dad. We are all so happy together, and are a family. We take care of him and he takes care of us.   He  may think we're high maintenance sometimes, but he doesn't understand we have to get in trouble every now and then so he feels needed.  We love him so much and are glad he's our Dad.
We have to say goodbye for now, but hope you'll be by again soon to see us.  We'll update our site with new photos as our family takes us places and the holidays come around. Thanks for visiting us!