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I can't decide who's

cutest, either!


Shhh!!  I finally have the most comfy spot in the house all to myself - hopefully THOSE DOGS will leave me alone!

I know, I know, I can't wear them all at the same time, but I'm trying to make a fashion statement.


Summer strolls on the beach are WONDERFUL!

She told me if I didn't act right she was going to take a photo of  me sleeping. I guess it could be worse - I'm usually drooling


Mom, you know I love you so much I could just cry big ol' doggie tears!!!

HEY!!!  That sounds like the SNACK BAG!!

We're deciding what to be for Halloween - salt and pepper?  Piano Keys?  A devil dog and an angel dog?

 Hey Mom!!  LOOK!!!!!  I think I'm one of those big snakes that can eat ducks in one bite!!!!  Why are you getting the emergency vet's number off the refrigerator???

I can't believe you took the duck away from me.  I never get to have any fun.

You can't see it, but Mom thought she was being funny by putting my ears back in a scrunchie.  Not really, but she's been talking about it.  You really have to watch her.

Ok, let that bunny hop by NOW - I'm ready for him.   Hope he's in the mood to RUN, I SURE AM!!!!

Hey, I smell a snack!!  Why didn't I get one????

Make sure you get my good side!  Oh wait, I only have GOOD sides!!  Silly me!


Ok, here we go with the duck again, I'm going to eat this thing before the day's over.

This is the best!!  Ok, Santa, you can go online to the PetSmart website and check out what I added to my shopping cart. Don't worry, it isn't a problem if they don't gift wrap.


Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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