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We live in North Carolina and remember our Family Pets that have crossed over the RAINBOW BRIDGE.





BIRDIE the Lovebird

Birdie loved to sing and lived in a bamboo house on top of the refrigerator. He liked being up high so he could see everything that was happening. He had beautiful colors of peach and green.


Boonie had several names including Booie, Boonie and Boo-Boo Puppy. He was a Lab mix and had some of the LONGEST legs we've ever seen.



Solid black and very mischievous. We had fun with him on Halloween.


Another name we had for Slinky was "Stinky", said with love, of course. Slinky was a Ferret, kind of temperamental, and he used to run sideways when we would chase him. He also loved to chew on his bowl.

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