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Hi !  I'm Molly, a Golden Retriever, and back there is my sister, Maggie. She's a mix of joy and spunk.  We adopted her earlier this year and she's really brought some energy into the family.  But we all love each other, and have lots of fun.  Here's a few pictures of us playing in the yard and really enjoying the beautiful day.

M & M



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I'm enjoying a moment of peace and tranquility, playing with my ball before the holy terror strikes.

And the holy terror has arrived!  Maggie!  Quit trying to bite my ear, or I'm going to go tell Mom and Dad! 

She's such a show-off!

Holy terror?  Who's she talking about? I'm a real sweetheart.  But I always have to be ready in case Molly tries to jump on my head and bite my ear.  She picks on me A LOT!

I know I'm beautiful, make sure you capture my shiny coat.

C'mon you big yellow ball of fluff, see if you can catch me!

I sure do miss my Mom and Dad.

Searching for treasure or bugs

Bye!  Come see us again sometime soon!  Hugs and kisses!