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April  3, 2004

Chantilly, VA - Dulles Expo Center

Photos of Vendors and Attendees (Human and Furry)

If your pet or booth is shown and you would like us to add your web link or any information, please email us HERE.


OK, I'll hold your paw, but I'm NOT sharing any of my cookies with you.

Agility Course


Three greyhounds means three times the love !

Hey - look who drank all the water AGAIN!!!


Ready to Ride

Hey Mom!!!  Pick the Red one!! It matches my beautiful outfit...  Maybe I need the blue one and a new outfit.

Does anyone know what "LET'S GO FOR A RIDE" means?


OK, I don't see any more cookies - now what are you going to do??

All the necessities for a purrfect kitty!


Frankie, the Booth Guard


What camera?  Where??


Don't be scared by my teeth - I'm really sweet.

So much cool stuff, and so little time...

We're with Canine Companions for Independence, helping people with disabilities

Visit us at




It's so tiring looking so good!!



Check out the profile - I should be on TV!


Hey, I want a drink - HEY!! WE'RE DOWN HERE!!


Runway Pose


Who are you calling Fifi???