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Hi I'm Dusty, and thanks for visiting my page!  I'm a rescued Greyhound. I have a lot of fun at home and playing with my friends, and I wanted to share a few of the best pics below.  Check back often, I'm going to be adding more pictures - I'll try to get more of JUST ME, but I'm so popular, everyone runs in front of the camera to get in the shot. 

Well, well, well, they're all over there in line waiting for some attention, and they don't even notice the pool.

Hey Apple, get out of Dusty's water bowl!!! (I'll make her think it's a bowl and she won't know any different)...  And Coal -- you can quit drooling any time now...

Hahaha!  She fell for it! It's MINE all MINE!

Maybe if I do some water aerobics with her, she won't go tell.

Ok Apple, you've got one foot out, go on with the other three and get me a snack.

Let's see how long I can enjoy this peace and quiet. Hey, turn the water on faster!!!  I think I'm in a whirlpool!!  Wheeee!!

Move on Bev, this is my space and you are a space invader - and you don't need to tell anyone I'm here.

Oh, man, she told Coal---- he's told us to call him Officer Friendly of the Play Nice  police....he ALWAYS does the right thing and if he thinks I'm not playing fair, he'll go tell Mom....

I NEVER get to have any fun!!!  Mom says I have to either get out or play nice.... tough decision...hmmmm, what to do?

Hey, it's Roscoe, the newbie!!  Here's a chance to get back in good with Mom - I'll be nice to the new guy.

Hey Mom!! Check it out!  I'm being nice (Roscoe, quit pushing or I'm gonna push you right out of the pool!)  See Mom, we're BEST FRIENDS!!!

Ok, time to get in line for some attention - I had better be good -the Play Nice Police "Officer Friendly" is watching

Ahhhh, this is better than any pool......I LOVE HUGS!!!   And I'm being good (and still being watched by Officer Friendly)

Dusty with Bingo, the Mascot, at the 2003 Burlington Indians Baseball game