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May 10, 2002 - January 8, 2013

Hi ! I'm Cocoa. I am a fawn BOXER. My REAL AKC Name is Erica .

Mom and Dad say they chose Ferrara for my middle name because Ferrara's bakery in New York City has the sweetest stuff in the world, and since I am so sweet, well, what can I say? 


This is me in the trash box. I was trying to help Mommy while she was packing some stuff to mail and she said she was going to put me out with the trash if I didn't be good, so I was just helping her out.

I just HAVE to show off my new CrazyCollar and Crazy Leash from their FUN collection - this design is Gulf Water.

Every time I wear it I'm so happy because I think I'm in Florida on vacation!!  Mommy tried to take it off of me, so I figured out if I sit on the leash, she can't get to it. I am TOO smart and WAY cute!

My First Winter !

It is so much fun playing in the snow.  I wasn't cold because I have a fur coat (and what a BEAUTIFUL fur coat it is!)


Please stop taking pictures- I know I'm cute, but I'm also exhausted!!
Hey - you want a piece of me ???


OK, we'll make a deal -- I'll move, and YOU give me some attention!!!

Looks like there's somebody trying to break into the house, but I was SOOOO COMFORTABLE.

(Well, as long as they're not stealing the recliner......)


Practicing my interrogation tactics in case we have any "unwelcome visitors"

I'm really sweet but DON'T MAKE ME MAD!

I LOVE to have my picture taken - has my agent called?