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Our Greytest Friend #

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Hi !

 I'm Savannah!

I'm the newest Greyhound member of the family, and I AM SO HAPPY!  I'm so thankful for my new Forever Home and I just know this will be the best holiday season ever.  I want to give special thanks to my Dad, John, of CrazyCollars for adopting me (and my Greyhound brother and sister). Love You Dad!!!!!! 

We are going to have so much fun, so look for lots more pictures soon.  For now, check out my brother, Tut, and my sister, Misty below.

The Official

Majesty's portrait-

Bow as you take in her

breathtaking beauty...








And here I am, ready

to make my acceptance

speech to the common

folk.... oops, oh no!  My

crown!  Where's my attendant??


N E W   P H O T O S   O F    S A V A N N A H

Did I hear someone say "GO FOR A RIDE"??

Just make the day go away and let me sleep...

The pictures never seem to stop -- being so good-looking is such a curse sometimes.

Savannah on adoption day!

Make sure you get my best side - of course, they're ALL best sides!  (Tut)

He'll never see me here, I've had a lot of practice in playing hide-n-seek.   (Misty)

Saying puppy prayers...

Ok, obviously I'm the best choice to model your CrazyCollar designs - and here we have Electric Stripe - Color and Class!!!   (Tut)

Everyone loves a snow day!!!  (Tut)

See, I'm the official CrazyCollars Model.


It's OK, I know I look GREYT!  HAHA!

Just enjoying my vacation at Beach Bound Hounds 2004, sponsored by Greyhound Crossroads.



Am I good at the "JUST LOVE ME" look or what???  Sure worked this time!  (Savannah)

Do I hear a bunny - or perhaps a chipmunk?  No it's just COOKIE TIME!  Gotta go!  (Tut)