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I'm Archie, and I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello. Great to see you! I'd like to share a few of the special moments of my fun-packed life with my family. We have a good time together and I really love them (even Hermes, the cat). Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon!

You know, one of my best qualities is that I'm so darn cute.  While you're busy gazing at my sweet face, you won't notice that I'm standing on a piece of pizza so nobody takes it.

Check out my very favorite toy - Mom and Dad throw it for me.   I just love to chase it .

I always have a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see this photo. It reminds me of spending my very first Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but also because I'm so happy when I was wearing my red sweater.   I just love to be warm AND cool.

Now, Dad didn't really like the idea of my scarf, but as you can see, I'm okay with it. He doesn't have to worry, I'm not a girly man, but I AM in touch with my feminine side.   Hey Mom, does that mean I'm a pretty boy?



Ok, YOU give me the Milk Bone cookie and

 I'll let you kiss my paw.  Seems like a good deal to me.  You can bow down to me, too, if you want. After all, we both know who's the boss.

Ok, Dad, you said we were going to the store an hour ago.   By the time you decide to take me, I'll have already figured out how to operate this truck.  If I can get the cat in here to push the pedals, we're outta here - and I have your credit card number.  And don't come looking for us at PetSmart, because we're not going there.

I told Mom and Dad that this was from a storm that came through, but they didn't believe me. Just because they couldn't find the cat for 2 days, doesn't mean that the stick and I had anything to do with it.  I was just trying to clean up the yard, can I help it if the cat got in the way??

Archie at 10 o'clock  coming in for a landing!! 

Run for your life!!!   

Someday that cat will take me seriously.

After all the day's activities of running and playing, we're both pooped. I give my little friend a hard time, but it's okay.  All I have to do is just  hold Hermes' paw and it's easy to see that we're best friends.


I love being the center of attention, but sometimes it's nice to go undercover for a while - like in this photo, when we were at a family reunion in West Virginia.   I had to borrow a pair of Ray Bans so that nobody could recognize me.  But don't worry, there's no connection to the missing food on the table in the background and me wearing shades.  Just move along, and don't say anything.

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