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This page is Dedicated in loving memory to our beloved Black Lab, Noel.  She lived a long and happy life, free and loved. She will be missed by her entire family, and her brother and sister, Coal and Apple. We remember Noel with love and warm thoughts of her playing in the Autumn leaves, always protecting and  loving her family.

Just this side of heaven there is a place called Rainbow Bridge. 

A place where all our dogs are restored to health and vigor. 

There will be a day when you cross the hill and you and your friend will meet in a joyous reunion. 

There will be happy kisses on your face. 

You will once more look into those trusting eyes. 

So long gone from your life but never absent from your heart, then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together. 

Noel Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 9, 2004

We miss you and love you, Noel -  Your Family