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Thanks for being my sweetest visitor # Hit Counter

(But you can call me precious...or princess...)

Enjoying one of those long, warm, winter naps.

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for taking time from your busy day to visit with me!  We have a lot for you to see, and will be adding more photos of new events, holidays, and of course, my BIRTHDAYS!!  So much fun, I just have to share it all! 

Right from the start, I'd like everyone to have a very clear understanding that I'm the boss of the family. It's all about MIA !

Mom, you're already beautiful enough -- now it's MY turn.

AAAAUUUGGGHH!!  Who turned on the lights?  My naptime isn't over yet!

Daddy hugs are THE BEST!!  Oooohh.. Mom isn't listening, is she?

This chew stick ought to last about an hour or maybe two, if I take my time.

It doesn't get any better than this -- a tasty chew stick, a soft rug, and a nice, warm, cozy corner.  Life is good.

Looks like an invader has taken over MY special pillow. I guess I need to remind her who's boss.

Just catching up on a little beauty rest

(not that I need it)

Sometimes I just can't believe how cute I am.

Of course, it does have a price - photo shoots are really tiring sometimes.

Just a little lower!!!  I promise I wont chew them up, or hide them, or anything!!

This is my very favorite photo of all, ever!! 


It's a picture of me and my Mom, and I love her SO MUCH. She takes such great care of me and I know she loves me too!!! She's THE BEST !!!


June 2001

Mia, Baxter and Porter

Porter, Mia, and Baxter

Mia and Baxter, July 2001

Ok, Baxter, time to go, go get your own bed.

Mom!  I need Dad to add some more jets to my Jacuzzi,  you know how important it is that I stay relaxed.

Yes, my evening bed is over there, but this is my DAY bed.

(1-1/2 years old)

I guess Dad will have to find a new hiding place for my treats. 

(hope he doesn't smell my breath anytime soon)

Just taking a moment to relax and have a chat with one of my friends.

Wait a minute Dad, rubbing my belly is supposed to put ME to sleep!

More flowers from my adoring fans...

I always keep a toy close by, just in case

anyone wants to PLAY.