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Just added - Take a look at Gizmo's Fall Fantastic Photos below!

I'm a


 and proud of it ! I look picture-perfect and I KNOW I'm special !


Thanks for letting me share some of my life with you !! I have a lot of fun and have two great parents that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!  (But that will be our secret.)

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

I just LOVE this time of year, the trees are so beautiful and are perfect for a quick afternoon nap. Aahhh....I'll just relax here for a while and think about what's going to be on my Christmas list.

I even get a new winter coat every year - do YOU get a new coat every year??

Talk about postcard perfect!  This is it!


Maybe if I pretend to be sleeping they will stay a while longer...

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the beautiful autumn!  Check back soon to see more new pictures!

Yeah - I'm the CHAMP--PAWS DOWN!! I told him he was makin' a mistake, but did he listen??? NNNOOOO!!!! I guess I showed HIM.


I didn't do it, REALLY. This moose came sneaking in the house when you weren't looking and did it. You really need to pay more attention to what's going on.  I can't keep up with everything all the time.

Toy?  What toy? I don't see any toy.  All I see is somebody bugging me again with that camera.  I KNOW I look good - go ahead and take a picture so everybody else knows it too.

Did my agent call FOR REAL?

  I'm a STAR!!! 

What?  It wasn't my agent - it was the VET??



PLEEEZZZEEEE --- I really need the new Scooby Doo video game.....all the other dogs have one. I'll be good and I promise not to make any more messes EVER!

Hmmm, what have we here???  Doesn't taste too bad.  Well, I guess if it was important it wouldn't be laying around where ANYBODY could get it. Guess somebody has a new toy.  Better keep it close while I take my nap. I'll hide it later...

Here I am in one of my FAVORITE spots. Such comfort and luxury - this is the life!!


I come here sometimes to meditate or pout - and I bring my green best friend with me. After we talk it out, things are always better.

Part of my job is to be Passing Guard. Nobody gets past me unless they know the secret word of the day or if they give me a cookie.

I hope you're not thinking of going ANYWHERE without ME!

He wants me to WHAT???  Rub his feet?  Where's my agent - I didn't sign up for this !

I told my parents if they didn't give me more allowance that I was going to be their Christmas present.

What do you mean it's cold in here??  I feel nice and toasty.



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